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It takes someone with real-life experience, and success, to help you see the big picture and take the critical steps needed to move toward recovery. As a Registered Nurse, I can help you get to the bottom of your particular bladder issues, and recommend comfort measures, self-care, and lifestyle changes designed to get you moving in the right direction. (I cannot diagnose or order treatment).

After taking a complete medical history, I will:

  • • Explain both allopathic and complementary medicine treatment options
  • • Coach you on making supportive diet and lifestyle changes
  • • Educate you about your particular bladder health issues
  • • Answer your questions regarding medications, side-effects, treatments, and complementary healing therapies

Learning to see the "big picture" of your bladder issues may mean considering all of the following:

  • • Hormonal Balance
  • • Lifestyle and Stress Level
  • • Diet: Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies, and specific IC triggers
  • • Autoimmune disease
  • • Gut dysbiosis
  • • Musculo-skeletal problems

I charge a fixed fee of $95.00 for phone consults, which may last up to 90 minutes. Following the phone session, you will have access to complementary followup via email for 30 days to answer any remaining questions.

To schedule a consult, by phone, in person, or via Skype, send me an email, telling me a little about yourself and the type of help you need. I will respond back to schedule the consult with you at a convenient time. You can also arrange a phone consult by using the PayPal button below and I will receive an email from you notifying me of your request. I will respond with an email asking for your contact information and the time you wish to be called. I will also ask you to provide some background information to help me prepare appropriate information for you.

Let's get started:; phone: 503-413-9369 (Pacific Standard Time). Together we will focus on solutions to help you begin feeling better today, and moving steadily toward total recovery.

Personal Health Consultation